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Here are some fun activities inspired by the art/artists we looked at this week!

  • is a great resource for free downloads of coloring pages! Check out the options available for artists, Gustav Klimt and Vincent Van Gogh.
  • Speaking of Gustav Klimt. He was known for incorporating various shapes and symbols as well as touches of gold leaf into his paintings.
  • For this activity, simply use plain black paper and a gold marker to create cool patterns and designs like Gustav.
  • Another idea is to cut out figures from magazines and glue black paper on top of their outfits.
  • You can then draw new patterns and designs on top of the black paper with your gold marker.
  • I used a gold sharpie permanent marker to create my design!
  • Artist, Georges Seurat was the developer of the technique of pointillism, in which small dots of color are applied next to and over each other to form an image.
  • Why not try out this method for yourself!
  • You will need:
  • Paper
  • pencil
  • Paint ( Any kind is fine, acrylic, tempera, watetcolor etc.. )
  • paper plate or paint palette
  • Markers if you don’t want to use paint
  1. Lightly in pencil, draw or use a template of an image whether that be a figure, landscape or simple shape.
  2. Use the qtips as your tool instead of a paint brush to fill in the image you have drawn.
  3. When you’re done, you can then erase the lines you have drawn in pencil around the color area.

Here is a simple heart sketch i started, using markers.

  • As you are painting, stand back and look at the dots next to each other and you will notice how the colors start to blend together even though you did not use a paintbrush to blend the colors.
  • In a letter to his beloved brother Theo, Vincent wrote, ” sometimes I long so much to do landscape, just as one would for a long walk to refresh oneself, and in all of nature, in trees for instance, I see expression and a soul as it were. If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere. ”
  • Van Gogh found endless inspiration in nature. Unlike the people around him, Nature didn’t push him away, it embraced him. It was also an environment that Van Gogh often felt most at peace.
  • Today, or tomorrow or any day soon, 😉 I would like to encourage you to step outside and immerse yourself in a setting that brought Van Gogh so much comfort.
  • Some tips for your adventure!
  • Bring a sketchbook and drawing tools.
  • Basic watercolor kits are affordable and easily transportable. ( watercolor palette, brushes, watercolor paper, bottle of water )
  • Take time to observe your surroundings.
  • Find a park or place to sit and draw, paint, have a snack…
  • Don’t forget your mask
  • Don’t forget to hydrate
  • Practice social distancing

Have Fun!

Memento Vivere! ( Remember to live! )

Stay tuned for next week as we look at the magic and mystery of Surrealism on #SlayInspireCreate!

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Art is my oxygen and to be an artist is to live. Join me on my artistic journey! I hope to inspire you with my work, to live in the moment and to always follow your heart wherever it takes you! Memento Vivere! Remember to Live!

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