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Here are some super fun activities and crafts inspired by our fabulous surrealist artists!

  • 1. Frida Kahlo once said ” I paint self- portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best. ”
  • Frida’s self portraits reflected various times in her life and how she was feeling at the time. They featured her many pets such as monkeys, dogs, birds and even a fawn. Her portraits were colorful and had many aspects of her Mexican culture in them. Frida put her whole heart and true self into every part of her beautiful art.
  • For our first activity I want to encourage you to create a self portrait that shows your personality and what’s in your heart.
  • Here is one of my self portraits!
  • 2. Our second activity is based on the idea that many surrealist artists would look to their dreams for inspiration for their art!
  • I thought it would be a cool idea to start your own dream journals!
  • Start by either making a journal or looking for one that speaks to you in some way.
  • There are of course dream journals you can buy that have templates in them already. Tips, questions or prompts that might help you keep a dream journal. Or you can simply get a sketchbook that can be used for drawing or writing your dreams down.
  • One tip I do have is, keep your journal close to where you sleep so that if you wake up from a dream, you can write or draw a quick sketch immediately. We tend to forget our dreams as time passes so you want to be ready.
  • Have fun! Good luck! And sweet dreams!
  • 3. Many artists from the surrealism movement created collages that depicted often very bizarre images juxtaposed together. Why not create your own surrealist inspired college!
  • Try using images from old magazine’s or photos to create a new scene or fantastical world!
  • Here is a collage by artist, Max Ernst showing some familiar faces from the surrealist movement!
” Loplop Introduces Members of the Surrealist Group ” ( image from Flicker )
  • 4. And of course we can’t leave out our always reliable for artist coloring sheets! This week Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo are available to download!

Thanks again for checking out #SlayInspireCreate! See ya next week!

Memento Vivere!

By angelpunk1

Art is my oxygen and to be an artist is to live. Join me on my artistic journey! I hope to inspire you with my work, to live in the moment and to always follow your heart wherever it takes you! Memento Vivere! Remember to Live!

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