• Hi there!
  • Here are some cool activities and crafts inspired by the artists we looked at this week!
  • 1. Spider sculpture inspired by Louise Bourgeois’s spider sculptures
” Maman ” ( image from Flicker, Wikipedia, John talbot )
  • Supplies:
  • Thick bendable wire for legs
  • pipe cleaners or lighter weight wire for the thorax
  • Wire cutters or scissors for pipe cleaners
  • Electrical tape
  • Suggested length of wire for legs of spider. Small – 6in
  • Medium – 12in
  • Large – 24in
  1. Cut wire to desired length in set of 4.
  2. Bend each one to form two legs.
  3. Wrap electrical tape on the ends so not to poke yourself with the cut sharp ends.
  4. Overlap each wire piece in the middle where you folded it so they form circle.
  5. Take the lighter wire or the pipe cleaners and bind all the legs together in the middle to form your spider thorax and head. Your overall spider shape will come together.
  6. Use the electrical tape to to cover the thorax/head area to make everything secure.
  • You now have your very own ” Maman ” spider!
  • 3. Basquiat inspired crowns
  • Artist, Basquiat used many symbols in his work but his most iconic was that of a crown.
  • Many critics have had theories about the symbolism of the crown in Basquiat’s work. Theories include:
  • The 3 pointed crown signifying the letter W for Warhol who Basquiat loved and admired.
  • Basquiat’s fascination with the human head and skull.
  • Basquiat’s logo to symbolize his ambition to rise from obscurity.
My drawing of the iconic Basquiat crown
  • Fold your paper in half lengthwise and cut in half.
  • Measure around your head to see how long your crown needs to be. If you need to extend your crown just glue the two halves together and adjust where needed.
  • When you have a length of paper that fits your head, you can cut the points on your crown.
  • Now it’s time to decorate!
  • When your done, simply attach the two edges of your crown band together to fit on your head.
  • Have fun creating! See you next week for more #SlayInspireCreate!!!

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