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Today on #SlayInspireCreate were going to look at some art/artists ( mainly my own work 🙂 ) that use the human form and portraiture to tell a story or to reinterprete an existing image.

  • Artist, Cindy Sherman.

Born in 1954, Cindy is an American artist who is known for her photography consisting of self portraits depicting various imagined characters and situations.

In 1989 and 1990, Cindy created a series entitled ” History Portraits ” in which she would photograph herself using props, costumes and prosthetics to portray famous paintings.

Bottom Right ” 193 “, Bottom Middle ” 204, Bottom Middle ” Untitled “, Bottom Left ” 216 “, Top Right, ” 211 “, Top Middle ” 210 “, Top Middle ” 225 “, Top Left ” 224 ” ( Images from wiki art )

Video: How to See Cindy Sherman with Eva Respini, YouTube Channel: The Museum of Modern Art

Video: Cindy Sherman at the National Portrait Gallery YouTube Channel: The Art Channel

A while back before the pandemic, when I was still wearing makeup on a regular basis, I would create photographic self portraits simply by using tons of makeup and digital editing. My goal was not to necessarily create specific characters but simply to to see what i able to create, with the foundation being my face.

In the words of Cindy Sherman ” The makeup became the paint and my face became the canvas “.

I also created a series of self portraits with the purpose to convey the feeling of being haunted by something. I wanted to show fear, complete isolation, and then the triumphant state of mind when you overcome the thing/monster that has been haunting you! Perhaps even becoming the monster yourself!

” Fear “
” Isolation ”
” Becoming ”

When quarantine began, I found myself missing my beloved art museums and art galleries. I wanted to have the the art that was near and dear to my heart, close by. This is why i first began doing my take on some of my favorite paintings. If you have been following this blog, you may have seen my art recreations. Here is another!

My rendition of Egon Schiele’s ” Self Portrait with Peacock Waistcoat ” ( watercolor, pen and ink )

Another challenge that began when quarantine started was the #gettymuseumchallenge which was inspired by the Kijksmuseum in Amsterdam and instagram accounts @tussenkunstenquarantaine @betweenartandquarantine

These art challenges asked the participants to recreate iconic artworks using household items.

People have been using everything from toilet paper, cleaning products, canned goods and even their own bodies to recreate works of art.

Video: Art Recreation at Home. Getty Museum Challenge YouTube Channel: Boss DT

Just the other night, My friend and i decided to join the challenge!

My take on Leonardo da Vinci’s ” Lady with an Ermine ” 😉

That’s about it for today’s post! Hope you enjoyed it!

One last note! Here is one of my favorite songs by Miles Davis! Miles Davis Quintet It Never Entered My Mind. YouTube Channel: 60otaku4

See you next time on #SlayInspireCreate!

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Art is my oxygen and to be an artist is to live. Join me on my artistic journey! I hope to inspire you with my work, to live in the moment and to always follow your heart wherever it takes you! Memento Vivere! Remember to Live!

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